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Tiggy 2's story

01 February 2017
Tiggy 2


My name is Tiggy Two and I would like to tell you about my life. I am Tiggy Two not just Tiggy because my Dad's cat before me was called Tiggy whom he adored. Sadly like what happens to us all sooner or later Tiggy aged 13 years left this world and my Dad missed him very much. Mum and Dad decided to attend a CPL open day in Hillcrest Road at Mary's. They looked around a pen with kittens in it and my Dad saw me and it was love at first sight as I looked just like his Tiggy. One week later I was picked up from Meg Miller a kind lady who had been looking after me and was taken to my new forever home. Over the years I have met other resident cats and the resident dog plus other canine visitors so am well used to my doggie friends. I lost my teeth early in life my Mum told me that it was because my real Mum was short on calcium in her milk which is very important in early life for kittens I have been told, I lived on a farm.  I do not know what happened to my brothers and sisters. My gums hardened well after I lost my teeth, lack of teeth never stopped me from eating. I liked dry rather than wet food but there was always plenty  of water around. My Dad used to say I wouldl not live to a ripe old age because I became too heavy. They put me on a low calorie diet for a while, I did not like it. I have a lovely large garden to play in so I used to run up and down the trees when I could, chased leaves and had a wonderful time. When evening came there was a lap to sit on or a couch and cuddles, finally a cosy bed to sleep in.
When my Mum and Dad went on holiday they put me in a local cattery, once again I was well looked after, but glad to come home.
I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism when I was 13 years, this meant a tablet every night. I rebelled at first, I had to be wrapped in a towel and held by Dad while Mum popped in the pill. They say it helped them as I did not have any teeth.
Sadly now my Dad is no longer with us but my Mum gives me cuddles and chicken and various treats, I even have en-suite facilities in my bedroom.  Last October I nearly went to Cat heaven, but at the eleventh hour my Vet suggested it could be an inflamed bowel condition, so we started on another tablet regime. My Mum at different times has to give me 5 tablets per day, she says I am a good cat and take them with very little fuss, I do catch her out sometimes. Guess what I do, I hide it in my mouth when she is not looking I spit it out, (she usually spots my trick and I have to take it again, (DRAT). I still do go for a wander in the  garden when the sun shines and it is dry, but  I do a lot of sleeping. I think that is what old people do?
I hope to reach my 18th Birthday in June. Mum hopes so too. Evenings my Mum, Charlie and me watch the TV together, Mum calls it Den time. When the TV is turned off then I know and so does Charlie( nearly fifteen years old dog) that it is bedtime. I know that I am a very lucky being such a loved and cherished cat, I do realise that I am one one of the lucky ones. Our family do whatever we can to help abandoned cats and dogs, but it will never be enough. Thank you all for reading my story. My Mum says she will try and attach a picture of me, I really am a handsome fellow.